In Loving Memory of
Mama ("Georgia") My grandmother, my best friend

My Mama, my best friend, What a hero you are! You will be forever in my heart, Into the deepest depths of my soul. When you left, there was a deep and empty hole, Will it ever close, I am not sure. Heal I know one day it will, But will I let it is another thing. The dr's made that awful mistake, It costed you your life. I hate drs now and never trust them, You were the best. My memories of you still hurt at times, But we had some really awesome times together. We played dominoes, your most fav game all time fav, I knwot hat cause we played many games of that together. Things will never be the same, But one day they will get better. I am so scared righ tnow my health is very bad (kidney disease, etc), If you were here i know I would be better and not be so scared. That wont ever happen though, I know it wont. I pray that we can see each other soon. I love you forever for always! xoxoxox Love, "Georgie" Georgianna My Mama she died 6 years ago. She was diabetic and went into the ER with an inner ear infection. They knew not to give her the meds they gave her which sent her into cardiac arrest and was dead thatnight. I have many wonderful memories of her, she was the best and the greatest! She taught me how to cook and I spent many days with her. I always wanted to andmade her things and gave her things and just sitting with her comforted me too. I love you forever Mama, and I dont plan to ever forget you either. I fear crying but I am workin gon it. Died: Sept 1994 She was beautiful inside and out. She loved and adored children too!

I love you my Mama! I wont ever forget you, I promise. God is gonna hold you into His arms until I can get there to see you! I love you forever! xoxoxo, Georgianna "Georgie"



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