In Loving Memory of

Mikko -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dad, You scared me when you went in the hospital I cried and trembled with fear and said to my self this isn't happening. But then I seen the ambulance come and I knew it was true, and now your probably never coming home. Your body is getting weaker and I can see it I know one day I'll lose ya. But if you do come home ~I love you alot~. You may not know how hard it is for me to face you. I can't face you any longer. I know you'll see this special page I made for you. But after you leave you'll be watching me. You teached me to be strong, and a great fighter I want to thank you for that. Now if I fall I know you'll be watching me...You teached me how to keep on going even though I know I canít but you always said you can do it. I know if I give up you wonít be happy at all. One day you said ďyouíll find a boyfriendĒ I did heís a great one too. You always fixed up my wheelchair, you always were there for me when I was in the hospital you stayed a couple times. Weíd talkÖDad you were the only one on this planet how to clam me down when Iíd have my spasms. Youíd come anytime and make me feel better so I could fall asleep again.. I remember one day when I walked you looked so happy but me on the other hand I didnít want to walk all I wanted to do is sit in my wheelchair. But now I know how walking is going to help me in the long run, and thank you dad for helping me understanding the meaning of walking. One day I got a special neads dog and you loved her you and her were buddies right when you two seen each otherÖAnother memory what I have is when we got the computer youíd call me ďcomputer monster cause Iíd hog the computer up and wouldnít let anyone else on.. I am so happy that god sent you because no one would of ever make me who I am nowÖI have a poem for you I know youíll never get to see your webpage but everyone will see how I felt before you passed away. I will keep going on with my life I have a great life ahead. Even though I have walls to climb Iíll get to the top, I may not make it but youíll be watching me. I know you wonít be here anymore youíll be happy where you are at. Iíll be thinking of you and when I go to walk Iíll take a extra step just for you dadÖ.. When ever I had troubles at school youíd call the teacher and talked to them, then I moved to another school and we didnít get to be with you as much as I wanted to. Thereís a song what reminds me of you itís called ďshow me the meaning of being lonelyĒ. When ever I put that c.d. in the I think of you.. I learned from people even though you go my life shouldnít stop. Hereís a poem for you dad.. *Iím lonely with out you by my side, but I know Iíll keep going..You showed me the way to be strong also a fighter wish I could thank you for showing me all that. Now itís my turn to show my younger sister how to be stronger and a fighter. Iíll always remember you I love you dad. Another great memory I have is when weíd walk to the brook on my walker and all the way back Love always Minna © minna

How can I live without you? Without you itís not easy Iím wishing youíd come back Iím hurt, so isnít my heart I feel like a piece has been Taken out of my body Cause your not with me Iíll always remember you I canít forget you You were always here For me. Now Iím on My own and hurt I look at the sky and Wonder where are you? My world is filled with fear, And happiness but most of all Itís filled with fear. Whyíd you leave me dad? I miss you like chocolate I think of you everyday Iím happy that you pushed me To walk even though Iíd get mad. But I know one day weíll meet up there again And Iíll be so happy Love always Minna

Dad, whyíd you leave me at such a young age? Itís horrible but I guess you had to die. You left me in good hands but let me tell you something I miss you. I miss your smile, your laugh and they way youíd say chocolate monster. But I wonít ever forget that time when you went into the hospital..

On being lonely itís not easy, your not here to pick me up when Iím sad Donít you see Iím sad down here and Iím crying? I need you dad My heartís broken it wonít mend until we meet again, I want to be happy again I think of all the good times we had and what you showed me to do But some I things I canít do anything cause your gone No one sees that everyone looks on the outside of me and not inside Sometimes I feel so weak cause your not here to tell me things I wish you were here making me feel better no one else knows how to make me better My dreams arenít going to come true anymore, like Iím not going to collage Iíll never get Out of that school till Iím 22, dad you believed in me. Now no one believes in me I want people to look inside of me and find out what I want in life and not other people wanting for me. You always said you can do it! I have no one saying that anymore, I wished you didnít leave me, it hurt like ever to see you gone. If I could talk to you thatíd be the greatest thing in the world, I donít think the world is fair itís not!! Love your Little Chocolate Monster

Dad, I thought weíd be buddyís for ever but that changed. You left me in this scary place what we call ďworldĒ. I throw stoneís at the sky but they come right back at me, so I figure what the heck. I miss you not laughing at me or helping me. I need you to be here by my side and helping me go threw challenges what I am to scared of doing on my own. I need you to encourge me to keep going. When you went in that night I was scared and knew you couldnít last another day. But your body was much too weak to take another week, it wasnít easy but youíre not sick anymore. Sometimes I think lifeís not fair. People donít understand what Iím going threw losing you is like losing chocolate now thatís scary! Your in a lot of my dreams sometimes I need to see you again. At the hospital I looked at you and thought what you taught me. I never got to say thank you but if you read this youíll be happy. Iíve learned not to let my disability get in my way, and have fun in your life laugh lose your mind sometimes. You taught me so many good things now how can I thank you? Sometimes I feel so weak and canít go on but then I think of you How you were so weak. I wonít let anyone or anything stop me for filling my dreams up. So Iíll become a writer and write a book about you. Iíll be happy I know you will too. No one can make grill cheeses as well as you did, you left the plastic in my sandwich I wasnít happy but it was a funny thing. If I could turn back time I would and make you come back and healthy happy. Bye Love chocolate monster Rip Mikko T Talviharju 2-21-42 to 12-23-99 Minna




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