In Loving Memory of
Rodney Young Dalton

I do not watch a hockey game without thinking of you. I sit in a Theatre watching a movie, and sometimes I think gosh I have to call Rod and tell him about this movie he would love it. I go and sit by your grave and each time I can't believe I am there and you are dead. You the one of us kids who was so athletic and full of life. We all miss you so much. Mom, Dad, Celeste, Van and me. My son Scotty is so much like you. Sometimes when mom and dad are at one of his ball games and he is running with the ball or around the bases, mom will yell go Rodney go,he looks so much like you and acts like Van,now that is funny. Well I miss you and love you so much, there is so much I want to share with you and tell you.

Darkness may hide the trees and flowers from the eyes, but it cannot hide love from the soul. Trenda



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