In Loving Memory of
Wilma (mom)

I wish I could have told you all I had to say, But the tihings you wish you never said never go away. And if I would have told you just how I feel, would it hurt a little less and be so much more real. Because it feels just like a movie, one that doesn't end, Over and over it plays the words, the words I should have said. I tried so very hard, please try to understand But I couldn't even look at you, or even hold your hand. I know that you needed me, because I needed you too, but now I'll never see you again, and I don't know what to do. I try so hard to make it, I do it all for you, but I don't have the strenght anymore, you were all the strenght I knew. And now I can't control the hurt or make it go away, Its just always there, every minute of everyday. I wonder where you are, if you can see me here I wonder if you are happy, I wonder if youre near. I wonder if you can read this, because all I want to say... Is that I love you so much more than words could ever say. And if you see me crying, please just look away Because I know I have hurt you, but never in that way. I need you more than ever, more than I can say and I know we'll meet again some beautiful, happy day.

Happy Birthday Mom, I hope this says all I couldn't while you were still here. I love you, Tiffany



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