In Loving Memory of
Valerie Lynn Rodriguez

OUR GUARDIAN ANGEL To a granddaughter,a daughter, a sister, a friend. An aunt, a godmother, a soulmate,till the end. A warrior in life, a guardian in death. Always to be loved, never to be forgotten. Forever in our hearts . . .she will live on in every sunrise, rest in its setting. Her star shines brightest in the heavens. Our hearts cry for her in every rain, her body surrounds us with every warm breeze. Until we meet again she is sure to protect us all. Our love for her cannot possibly be measured in earthly amounts. Forever we shall long to be near her until then . . .In memory of my little sister. Eternal Love . . .Your Sis Michele

Your sister Michele Rodriguez anyone wishing to cotact me about my sister can write me at 405 S. Burlington Ave. Lafayette, Co. 80026 Or call me at 303-665-5277 Thanks and God Bless



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