In Loving Memory of
Brian Timothy Froehlich

My Brother... My Best Friend... Brian I cannot believe you're gone. You were taken from us only 8 days before your niece, Sarah, was born. I cannot believe you'll never know her. I am so sorry that I couldn't fly to Texas to see you that last time at your funeral. They wouldn't let me come because my due date was so close. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and relive your passing all over again. I don't want to believe it's real, but I know it is. How can I go back home without you there to talk to? How can I live my life as an only child and fill the void where you were? How can I ever be whole again? I look at the pictures of you and expect you to come to life before my eyes. I watch the video you made and remember how funny you were. Mom and Dad seem to be strong, but we're all filled with pain and hurt. Nathan tells me that you're so happy where you are now and I believe it's true, but why can't you be happy down here with us? How many times have I asked why.... I don't want to forget you, Brian. I hope you'll always be with us. I hope you'll always watch over Sarah. I love you even though I never really told you while you were here. I know you knew it though and I know you loved me.

In Memory of My Funny and Wonderful Little Brother, Brian Timothy Froehlich August 7, 1981 - January 2, 2001 From Your Sister, Traci



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