In Loving Memory of
My Dad

Its been over two weeks now, I feel angry in the sence that I felt that I wasn't able to warn you when your time would come -- I think you sensed it was close ----I know that you are o.k...the bird whistling the other night with your dog whistle seemed to get a sign that you were o.k... I'm not feeling o.k....its such a big void. I need to pick up my life again but I don't know where to start right now -- God will show me. I love you, Dad, and God was merciful to allow you to go as peaceful as you did. Give everyone a hug up there for me -- everyone that you have loved and went on where you have gone. What we talked about finally happened --- and it was peaceful. I love you, Dad, and I am going to tap into the strength that you have handed down to me to endure as you did when you lost Grandpa and Grandma ---- you always drempt about them. Dreams come true. I love you, Dad.

Little Libbi



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