In Loving Memory of
Royce Allen Tadlock Jr.

When my soul is weary and my heart is tired ans sore I have have that failing feeling that I can't take anymore then dad you let me know there is the refreshing feeling that the soul knows that my our dad,grandfather,brother and son is out there listening to all our problems and our happiness to.Never turn our backs on the tears that we will cry for you.Don't stem the flaws;put your arms about each other gently and do not let go;knowing why it is important; weeping sometimes is; we'll cry on each others shoulders and kindly say how we feel about you our awesome dad,grandfather,brother,and son that you were and always will be in our hearts and souls.Dad you will always be my hero even though there was bad times between us but the good times over come anything else.Just "one more day"it is a Diamond Rio sings the song and I send it to you my father,my friend,and my hero.I miss you more and more every day.Kritin,Kelley,and Kevin miss you also.They see pictures of you and want to go see you and I'll tell them that you are safe from pain and they will see you again,that you are in Heaven with Jesus and he is taking care of you now.We all love and miss you every day.Dad i am very proud to be your daughter and for every memory I have with you and will always hold them dear to my heart and soul.Thank-you for your love,support,your arms to hold us when we needed a hug and Thank-you for just being you.

Melissa,Kristin,Kelley,and Kevin,we will always be proud.We love and miss you alway "one more day"



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