In Loving Memory of
Bobby Jacob Taylor

Bobby "Jacob" Taylor was a close friend of mine. He was born killed in a car crash on October 25, 1998, just 2 months before Christmas. He was only 17 years old. The only reaon that he's not here today is because he wasn't thinking. He went to church with his brother & father the morning before he was in the wreck. They carried his brother home & were riding around with his cousin. The driver of the car swirved off the road, jerked the car back on the flipped and landed in a ditch. Jacob was thrown out because he wasn't seatbelted. This was very tragic because he never wanted his license because he was scared that he would have a wreck...ironic huh? Sad but true. Jacob...I love you baby! C U when I get there! Love, Jen~

Jennifer :)



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