In Loving Memory of
Erik Ray Fuller

Erik, I miss you with all that I am. Since your death on March 14,1997 I really never recovered. Life without you has been hard. I have no closer as to why your life was cut short, just the reoccuring thought of how your last moments must have been for you. Our family has taken a turn for the worse. Mom is still struggeling day to day to survive, Tammy got married and had a babie girl, Dad drinks his problems away, and me well I always seem to be angry. Your son is growing and your wife is doing well. I wrote to the man who murdered you as to why he did what he did, but received no responce. I need to know what happened to you Erik that early morning in March, I am hoping it will bring me and the family some kind of closer. Our family is unrecognizable to me know. I've tried to feel your shoes to no avail. As crazy as this is going to sound was the last time I saw you and I crawled onto your lap for the photo, I now have hanging in my diningroom, I wish I would of told you how I felt inside, but when I crawled onto your lap I felt this strong sensation of pure love for you. Its like God knew that that was going to be the last time I saw you. I am on the quest for justice Erik, I am studying to become a lawyer to make wrong into right. I will see you again oneday. I love and miss you horribly. Look after Mom, I'm worried about her high blood presure. Send a message to Dad to let him know your alright, he's so sad Erik. I will be fine though I am vary busy with school and work. Live fast and die young right! You always use to say that, smile!

Your loving Sister, Stacey Fuller



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