In Loving Memory of
Herbert Daniel

Herbert Daniel was my grandpa.He was born December 3,1913 and died July 20,1997.He was the greatest man of my life. He cared for the people around him and he made time to spend with us. My brother,who is handicapped,was so special to my grandpa. He loved him so mucha nd he would do all he could to make my brother a part of our activities. I remember all the time we spent together.He would often pick me up at school and then we would go riding in the country and he would show me the places he lived as a child and the old schoool he had went to . We would go shopping and he would always buy me something special. I miss him so much. Life has not been the same.He got real sick long before he died.He had three strokes and finally he was unable to walk or talk.It was very hard for me to see him like that.When he lost his legs due to circulation problems it was almost to much for me to visit him.I just wanted to remember him the way he had been for so long. He got sick around 1986 and when I think back I feel like I was cheated out of my time with him because he got sick. I love him and miss him so much.I still wish he were here with me and we were still able to grow our garden and raise our animals together.I often wish I were five years old and we were still growing rows of corn and playing with the little bantam chickens he always raised.And of course because he would still be alive and well and here with me. I would like to find any relatives.His parents were Herbert Daniel Sr and Abbie Myers Daniel His grandparents were William Myers and Sarah Jane Hash Myers. He had an aunt Belle Daniel who lived in Pottsboro Texas area. Herbert Daniel the worlds best Paw Paw.

I Love you Paw Paw,Raynell & Jason



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