In Loving Memory of
Mason Thomas

...Like all children, Mason Thomas is a very special little boy. It's been six years since he's gone 'home'. Six years since he died. The same num- ber of years that we were blessed to have him. I miss him tremendously! The years have been hard, very hard. Even though I know he's in a much better place. I'm only human. Often, I wonder, 'if only I can tape other memories I have of Mason'. I know I have them in my head, but to be able to watch them...almost like reliving it, like having him again. Watching my other kids grow up,(his older brother and younger sister & brother), can be hard at times also. Wondering how they really feel inside about what's happened to their bro- ther and about not having him here, physically, growing up beside them. My youngest was only one year old when his brother died. The majority of his memory are the home videos I was so 'in' to. His first year, and only year with his brother Mason, I video taped my kids very often. The camera was always ready and nearby. I thank God for that.

Six years and I'm still in the 'acceptance' stage. I've finally learned to just accept things as they are. Can't change everything! No matter what.



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