In Loving Memory of
Cynthia Ann Greer

A little over a month ago (Dec.20,2000) I buried my best friend, soul mate, 'wife to be', love and light of my life Cynthia, due to cancer. I remember saying something about 'for better or for worse' and then I said 'Baby, this is the worse'. We gave each other unconditional love, a love I know, that goes far beyond the grave. By exchanging rings 3 days prior to your passing, I reassured you that I will belong to you for all eternity. For I know that there will come a day when I close my eyes for the last time. At that moment, I'll feel a warm gentle kiss and someone stroking my hair, (You loved to play with my hair) I'll open my eyes and be greeted by you. Then you and I will fly away together to explore and play amongst the stars and Heavens, in God's beautiful Universe forever. I can tell you that day can't come soon enough, my darling angel.

Do you remember this poem darling?

Autumn Leaves

There will never be another time
Another place such as you.
In this place, whispers hoping reason,
"Dreams long abandon
Might still come true."

As I lay my yellow shirt
Back against the fragrant
Cool October grass,
I see the sun playing
In the dark eyes of my lass.

As a gentle stirring of a breeze
Go through a sleeping forest's trees,
Caressing waves of autumn air
Stir gently through your auburn hair.

November's happy bright yellow and orange leaves
Brought us peace and strength
To try when we were not alone.
But winter came and you were gone.

And seasons came and seasons went.
And autumn leaves are here again.
And from a small seed hope has grown
To reap what last fall's love had sown.

Eternally yours
as always
Love, Bruce



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