In Loving Memory of
Bobby Matthews

Dear Bobby, It has been almost a year since your senseless murder, and it feels like yesterday. I miss you so intensely still, and I pray that one day I'll be able to see you again. I do have good memories of us growing up. Playing with Paulette and Marrita, Spiderman, some really great times. I don't remember us ever fighting, and I feel lucky to have had you for a brother for 24 years. A very close friend of yours, Heidi, said that you looked up to me so much, when it was you who seemed to have all the answers. I never could have went through the times we had if it wasn't for you. You will always be missed and never forgotten. I will love you always,

I send this with lots of love, an empty heart, a weight on my chest, and much pain. Your big sis, Tracy



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