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Allie Vee Crowson was born on November 28th,1919. She has been my mother for 38 years. She died on December 23rd 2000. Mother, you are safe now. Nothing can hurt you or cause you any more pain. I am so sorry that I was sick and couldn't visit you until the very end. I am ashamed. You would be so proud of how strong we are trying to be. We tell each other constantly that you wanted us to be happy. We are happy in the fact that we were all around you at the end of your life and that we were able to tell you what you meant to us. We sang to you Christmas Carolle's because we know how much you loved Christmas. Dad is heart-broken. But all four of us girls will try to help him to carry on. Your life was so very important and you were very loved. We will all be the keepers of your memory. We love you! From Joyce; your swim partner who taught you how to float. From Paula; your dance partner who couldn't keep up with your energy. From Janet; your kindred spirit who called you all the time. From Shari; your reading partner who enjoyed the popcorn and stories we read. From Paul;your life partner who will ALWAYS miss you and will see you again one day. Until we all meet again, enjoy your new freedom. Eat lot's of candy and cake. Read all the books you couldn't before(even the naughty ones). Dance and sing and enjoy being with Mammaw and your daddy. We will try to make it and we don't want you to worry for one second about anything. WE LOVE YOU!




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