In Loving Memory of

Dear Mom, To the most wonderful mother a girl could be blessed with. You were and always will be the wind beneath my wings. They say time heals all wounds. Not so. Mine still seep with the loss of you. However instead of thinking 16 yrs. without you-I am 16 yrs.closer to being with you once again. At that time I will be blessed once again with feeling your unconditional LOVE.I love and miss you more than you'd ever imagine. If it weren't for you,I wouldn't be who I am today. You are my Inspiration,Guidance,and Guardian of all Angels. Know you are always in my heart and in mind. And until we meet again-know you are never forgotten. I love you more than life itself.And I thank God above for Blessing me with you.God Bless You,Until We Meet Again-

Undying Love For You-Your Daughter(Your Girl)Kathy OXOXOX



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