In Loving Memory of
Bobby Matthews

It's been almost a year, and the pain is still fresh The memories don't fade It seems to get harder to face as time goes on Sometimes I feel like I'm doing fine And then there are reminders, not just the everyday ones That shove me back into reality. You're not coming back, I'm never going to hear your voice see your face, hear your laugh. I keep waiting for you to call, Sounds a bit insane, I know, But when I've had a brother for 24 years, and then someone takes him from me, old habits die hard. You were always there for me, comforting me, making me laugh, just being there, whenever I needed you. No one else can take your place, and I miss you. I love you Bobby, and I can't explain how deep it goes, unless you've experienced it yourself. Love, Sis

In Loving Memory of Bobby Matthews I will always love and miss you, Tracy



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