In Loving Memory of

Mom: I love you so much and I think about you every minute of every day. Thank you for all that you did for me. You will never know just how proud I am to say that you were my Mom. Patty, Sandy, Mouse and Peanut all love you and miss you so very much. Life is not the same but we all promise to do the very best we can without you. Give Joycie a big kiss and hug and always keep your eye out for us Mom. We will never stop loving or needing you! "I have listened to the sound of a lonely night. Gone a thousand miles through a storm-filled sky looking for some light. Never dreamed of turning back, But faced the wind instead... 'Cause I knew somewhere You'd be waiting there, down the road ahead. All through the longest night your burning love did shine, like little bits of lightning. Lighting up the whole world with your flame, every day to make it better. Strong enough to carry the weight, your love became my saving grace. Like little bits of lightning shining through the rain If I should ever lose my way, find the strength in me is gone. I won't worry about what to do cause Mom I know that you will come and take me home."

Love, Always in my heart! John



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