In Loving Memory of
Thomas Orville Morgan

March 31, 2001.....Happy Birthday Dad. I like this background because I feel most connected to you when I'm out walking the dogs and I look up at the stars in the sky. When I'm walking, I wonder if you know I'm talking to you. I wonder if you know how much I miss you. Do you know how much I love you? Sometimes leaves rustle in the trees and I wonder if that is you responding to me. I am so desperate for a sign that you can hear me, see me. If you were here today, we would be getting together with everyone to share a cake, or maybe a cake for me and a pie for you. You loved cherry pie. Mason is so sweet. I feel so bad that he can't spend time with you and get to know you. You were such a good influence. You loved so naturally and cared so much for all your kids and grandkids. When you died, it really hit me that life is short. Things that worried me before seem so much less important. There is a calmness about me that wasn't there before....kind of hard to explain. I appreciate life and I realize my blessings. I'm a pretty o.k. person and I have you to thank for were a great Dad. You are awesome Dad! Maybe, we could have been more connected on earth, but, we did connect....we definately had a connection. We are still connected; I can tell you everything now. I always think of you when I look up at the stars. I love you Dad! Happy Birthday!

Kim Renee



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