In Loving Memory of

Died: March 1, 2001
Age 19
Written for his loving parents!

I am writing this memorial of Eric Heffernan in the hopes to keep his memory alive. For his tragic death has taken us all by suprise. We just can't believe that someone so young would go before us. But for reasons unknown, God has chosen Eric to meet him in Heaven.


Eric was a cute little boy,
one filled with lots of joy.
As he got older,
he was good to lend a shoulder.

He would ride his bike around,
and through the campground.
I remember his little grin,
lighting up his little chin.

But now he is gone,
our hearts must go on.
It is hard to lose someone so good,
but we know he's in God's neighborhood.

So, as we say farewell to our friend,
know we are carrying his love to the end.
For the grief we all feel,
for such a caring boy is real.

So this memorial I do dedicate,
to his parents who were GREAT!
Know you raised a fine young man,
and know he loved you to the end.

For God has chosen Eric to go,
there is one thing I want you to know...
Our thoughts and prayers are with your family,
and know you can call whenever you are in need.

There is a shoulder to lean on here,
for your time of grief will disappear.
Though it will just take time,
know we are here for you ANYTIME!

From Close Friends Who Cared About Eric and His Family



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