In Loving Memory of
Gabriel "gabe" Enrique Santos

Our son was with us for a short while.... But the 8 years that God gave us with him will be forever cherished...He was a loving,caring child..Who always had a joke or a smile ready to share with his friends and all who enjoyed his glowing zest for life.... I believe that gave us a very special gift... We were in the presence of an angel being borrowed for a short period.. And it was up to us to learn from our son.. about love,giving, laughter, caring and understanding...He was a very sickly child, but even when he was sick, he always had a cheerful smile..:-) I miss his hugs and greetings to me afterschool..Someday we will meet him again.. For now, he is looking over us.... watching his older brother and three sisters... We miss you always Gabe... But we know you are here with us now, in spirit and we thank God for sharing you with us for 8 precious years.. Thank you son...for filling our lives with your abundance of love, affection and unselfish ways... I always pray to God that I can live my life like how you did..Your purpose on this earth is never still inspire us everyday....Mommy..Daddy.. your brother and sisters love you eternally and miss you always... Our little angel Gabe... Entered our lives on: Oct. 31, 1991.....Called home to our heavenly Father...Dec. 9,1999....

The Lord blessed us with 5 angels.. He called one that he may help him in heaven... to watch all the children all over the world... Our hugs & eternal love to our son....



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