In Loving Memory of
Kale Ryan Brinkley

This page is in memroy of Kale Brinkley. A good friend to many and an outstanding athlete. Most of our good memories are with kale on the court and field. We all know that is shouldnt of happened at this time in his life he was loved by many and was my neighbor for five and a half years. I miss him very much that is why i am making this in memory of him. He was never sad, always wanting to put a smile on someones face whether they needed it or not. He was a great christian, and brother to our church. We now think of Kale as our gaurdian angel, he is in heaven with God he is perfect without one flaw and now he cant break one single law. He cant carry anything with him execpt the friendship and love he gave and gathered along in his journey through life. God had a plan for Kale and a mission and now that is over but he will live on through us all in out thoughts and hearts there will never be on thing that passes by that I wont think about my friend Kale. Just remeber the stars in the night sky are wholes that lead to heaven and through those wholes the love from our lost love will pour out all over us and and we will feel them with us metally but not physically. They can see everything we do through those wholes and I know that Kale would not want us to be sad and cry, he would want us to smile and remember the good times we had together, ands thats exactly what I plan to do. Keep your eyes on Jesus and we will all be together someday and he will be there looking for you. Kale I just made this to thank you for all the times we had together and the love you spread to me. All the times you were there when I needed to talk and wanted to go out side and have fun. Kale I just want to say I love you and i will see yoiu again one day. Later buddy A.K.A pretend boyfriend love you so much alicia

you were such a nice guy love forever and ever i will never forget the nicest guy in my life, Alicia



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