In Loving Memory of
Aaron Henderson

Hey Aaron, I know you are in Heaven now Buddy but I just want you to know that I miss you and I love you...we all do!! All I can think of was how you said I was you buddy last night (3/4/01)!! Just do me a favor and keep playing the piano and guitar for the angels and the Lord...we love your music and they do too! I'm sorry I was rude to you sometimes...I always thought I'd have another chance to say I'm sorry. I love ya, buddy! Thanks for the yucky lemon cookies you bought Megan and me...I'm trying to remember the good times but it's so hard!! Choir won't be the same without you and neither will the Praise Band!! Take care in Heaven...I'll see ya there someday!

For everyone who didn't know Aaron, he was a really awesome guy...he got on our nerves sometimes but we still loved him! He always cheered us up!! Love ~ Tiffiney Denise



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