In Loving Memory of
Ronni Eppen

To my brother and friend-

I don't know why you had to leave
For you our hearts will always grieve.

But now you know, from up above
A life that's filled with laughs and love -

is never really lost you see
'cuz in our hearts you'll always be.

You touched so many with kindnes and care,
it makes your loss so hard to bear.

Your days and years were way too few.
Somehow we must begin anew?

How can we do that and be bold,
when now it's just your memories we hold?

To you my brother and my friend
this one last wish I have to send -

it's all my love, my heart, my hand
for you to hold until I see you in that other land.

Your spirit lives! This we know.
But again I ask - why did you go?

With love, Nancy



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