In Loving Memory of
Twilla McKim-Wilsey "Gma"

Grandma though you left not but a few months ago, I am sad that you weren't able to see your newest Great Grandson Brady. I know I told you of his birth on the last conversation we had. I miss you alot Gma, and I wish that we would have had more time though I'm at ease knowing you're not suffering anymore and you're there with Gpa "Red". Tell Him HI from us all. He's been gone so long but I can still see his smiling face & hear him laugh. I wish we would of lived closer as I grew up, I didn't get to spend alot of time with you both as the miles were long between us but I hope you always know I loved you both very much. I know I will see you both again someday and I know that you are watching over us all now too. I know you're probably happier now being with Gpa again and now you can both watch over all of us and see you great Grandchildren grow up. They sure are beautiful. I will be sure to tell them all about you both as they get older. I hope you both save a place for me. Until we can be together forever, Rest in peace. I can't say goodbye, but you know I love you, til we meet again. ADIEU - farewell but not goodbye. And Gma though I never knew him well since he died when I was too young but please tell Gpa Gail when you see him I love him too.

I love you all Forever - Fly with the Angels Gma, I hope it's all you dreamed it would be. Love - Christine



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