In Loving Memory of
Elaine Rehkopf

She was a firecracker, all puff, and wonderous flame. A small missal. A force all of her own. All 4 feet 11 inches of her, stood 6 feet 11, on any given day; as she tackled variants the world would send her way. Her heart broke from any abuse. From any insurmountable injustices she could not fathom, or accept. And sometimes, the world was too large. Too unkind for her gentle soul. She should have been named after a comet. " Elaine's Comet, " would have fit her well. All fire, and the trail of blaze, she always left behind. She would say, " Oh Well, " as she rolled her eyes, with hands flying in the air; giving us that little girl, Cheshire Cat, impish grin. And then you knew you had been taken by a master, as the sweet game of recepitivity was won, by Elaine. We will each of us remember her differently. Reserving a special corner in our souls. " Elaine's place." A place always filled with life; a place always filled with love. And maybe from her gracing the earth, we can take a piece of her spark, her compassion, her fire, and warmth with us, wherever we go. Mother Theresa once said: " Love is a thought we keep alive by remembering." So the next time you touch a small animal, see a rainbow that fills the sky, or inhale something beautiful; remember Elaine. She will be there with you, and the moment. She would want you to know how very much she loved you. Each, and everyone of you. And if tears could build a stairway, and thoughts a memory lane. I'd walk right up to heaven, and bring her home again. Thank you from El, Randy, Chad, and Terry, for loving our Mother, your Friend, your Sister, your Grandmother, and El's Wife. She was truly one of a kind. And we will miss her. Only as long as Forever.

Terry Rehkopf-Scott Her Daughter



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