In Loving Memory of
Larrie Geib (the best daddy in the world)

Oct.5 the world lost a very good man his name was Larrie Geib and he was my Dad.The day my Dad died started like any other day. I was running late for school so my Dad drove me up to the bus stop. I went to school and as I was on my way home an ambulance went screaming by. I had never really paid much attention to them until that day. For some reason I started to think about who was in the back of it, and what was wrong with them, and if the would make it. well by the time I got home I had my answer. It was my Dad in the back of that and he did not make it. You I never left without giveing him a kiss and telling him I love him. But as I think back I was in such a big hurry that morning I can't remeber if I did or not. So this is for you Dad. here is a kiss for you and I love you very much And I miss you with all my heart!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

RIP I Love You and I Miss You Love always, Angel Geib



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