In Loving Memory of
Irene Florence Stephens

04.25.01 My Mother, Nana, was what we called her, passed on September 7, 1996. It was very unexpected. I miss her so much. I had my last baby on December 21, 2000. I cry because he will never know her. She was funny, and spoiled my other two children. I can only tell him about her. Mom, I miss you so much on the holidays. I miss us talking to each other and seeing you. I miss our laughing, silly times. I miss your Christmas spirit. Nothing is the same. I lost my groove, since you passed. I am not the same without you. I hope that you see us. You are always in my heart. Always in my thoughts. I hope that you see Robbie, Matthew, & Ebony. They are a blessing from God, just as you were. I wish I could see you again. I hope you know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I Love you and miss you so much. I think of that song, "You light up my life". Remember us singing that? You are my best and only friend. I cherish the memories I have of you.Wnd John and I both hope that you are with his Brother Robert. I hope that you are with your Mom and Dad, and all of our other relatives on the other side. Someday I'll be coming there too. May the lord watch over me and thee while we are apart from one another.

Loving you, Your daughter, Brenda, Jonathan, Matthew, Ebony & Robert (Robbie)



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