In Loving Memory of
Steve BonGiorno

(Charles) Steven BonGiorno

Born: 2/15/1949 Detroit, MI
Died: 4/2/2001 Tampa FL
Age: 52

Musician, Composer, Mortgage Broker, Motivational Speaker, Psychologist Extraordinaire...Beautiful Man...The Bluzman (StevieBBluzman)

My Darling StevieB.... How I miss the familiarity of you...your voice whispering endearments to me, expressing the depth and intensity of your love for me. How I wish I could just talk to you...hear your voice once more. I miss our nightly talks most especially. I miss being listened to, understood, guided, corrected, and disciplined by you. You were my Master, my Dominant. I grew emotionally because of your insight....and you grew in wisdom because of mine.

You left this life too soon. You were so vital...professional, musician, composer. You could make that guitar cry..."controlled rage", they labeled your playing. You played with the best of them...BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Clapton, Allman Bros., and so many other bright lights on this earth.

You were loved by so many people for your generous nature. You were always so positive, so "up", so self-assured and self-directed. Your greatest asset was your sense of humor. You always thought it was off-beat and hard for people to relate to....but people saw this as an outstanding asset, and the key to the real person in loved life, you reveled in it each day...and this love and inner joy were reflected in your marvelous sense of humor.

I will count the days until I am with you once again in another love and laugh and to grow together. The love in my heart and in yours will reach across infinity, and we will find each other we did in this life twice.

I love you profoundly....




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