In Loving Memory of
Michael Thomas Dickens

So very very young, yet so very very old, Wise beyond your years is what I was told. Great emotional and physical pain were your constant friends, But now, mercifully, they have all unraveled to their ends. A young man so full of caring, so bereft of hope, Having learned so early just simply to cope. Yet a smile was always there quick to arise, Shining brightly thru the tracks of the tears that you cried. You brought so much joy and love to others who had none, Such a caring,giving father,friend and son. What you didn't possess you freely gave, Holding nothing back for yourself to save. God blessed us with such a beautiful gift in you, A love so pure, so strong and so true. How we will miss you, Michael, our strength, The days without you here without measure or length. But your love and warmth will remain strong in our hearts, The darkness will become sunshine as it painfully imparts. A hard yet bright understanding falls like rain, Michael, you are at peace now, with no more pain.

Love Momma,Breana,Jeff,Carolyn and Chris



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