In Loving Memory of
Jason Robert Panich

Godís Favorite Bouquet... There are certain things in life, we cannot understand, and we feel as if our heart will never mend. And in our darkest hour, we cry to God for help, as the pain of loss comes crashing down again. Words cannot express, the feelings of the heart, when a loved one has been taken from our lives... an unexpected death, leaves feelings of despair, a grief so big, that no one can describe. Yet, somewhere down the road, we learn to smile again and we find that we are stronger than before... God uses every trial, to bring us close to Him, and we find His Grace will see us through the storm. Far from this earthly place, there lies a world beyond; a place where special people go to rest... a garden filled with flowers; Godís favorite bouquet... We know that God has picked the very best.

You'll always be in our hearts Jay. We will cherish all of the fun and memories we have had. Eternally loved and missed, your friends Mellisa and Amanda Vezina



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