In Loving Memory of
Eric " OG Loc" Vigil

It was the saddest day for me, January 5th 2001 it's hard to believe it's been this long. Not much around me seems to clear. I ask and ask why was it so, why dear God did he have to go? For me it is like yesterday. There are not bright days only gray. For me it is like time stood still, my heart, my mind so hard to feel. I visit you in your new place, I pray, I cry, and hold my face. They tell me that I must understand, that letting go will be more grand. I know that is what you desire now that I go on with what life requires. The tears right now they still come fast, be patient,Eric, it'll come to pass. I think about you every day and now that our moments together are through, I hold you close in my heart, forever and always I will love you.

I'll never forget u and I'll tell our daughter every thing about her daddy.



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