In Loving Memory of
Emmanuel Breto

My dear son Emmanuel: At first when you died I kept asking God why had he made you my son to only last 2 years 11 months and 3 days? Today... however I thank God he made you my son, my only son!!! I named you Emmanuel because I thought that this name would protect you from harm, it is a beautiful name. However looking back on the day I found out I was pregnant with you, I did not name you, instead I was given a sign to name you. And I did. I abided by all the rules that were slowly given to me from a higher authority. I truly believe it was God giving me all the signs. I see this now. All I want you to know is that my love for you is so intense that it hurts, I also want you to know that if I were to have the opportunity to give birth to you again I WOULD, I would not hesitate for 1 minute. I love you, I love you!!!!!!! please wait for me, greet me when I come your way, I close my eyes and imagine your face with each passing day. Please give me a sign that you are close to me, a sign from you is sufficient to keep me going. Until the day we meet. I love you Emmanuel, do you love mami???

Barbarita- AKA mami



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