In Loving Memory of
Thomas J. Flynn

You're the best there is, Dad. In my eyes, you take every prize for "Best Father in the World!" Within my memories, the ones you have given me are among the happiest and most treasured of all. Within my heart, I know that there will never be a man I admire more than I admire all the things you did and all the ways you were... I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to have my very own hero. If I could find a way to show the extent of my thanks for you, Dad... I'd give you the moon and the sun and every one of the stars. To You, Dad, on this Father's Day 2001 You are ALWAYS in our Hearts! May you always be at Peace, as you watch us from Above; As we live our lives together, with Faith , and Strength, and LOVE. *We Miss You*

Zora, Greg and Little Greg



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