In Loving Memory of
Don Hester

at times growing up,I just knew he hated me, especially when he wouldn't let me have my way, but somehow, deep down inside I knew he really loved me, perhaps a bit more cuz I was the only girl, "daddys girl". Somehow he loved me enough to: want to know where I was going and with whom... make me earn all those things I just HAD to have... allow me to suffer the consequenses for my actions.. fall, stumble, hit rock bottom, even while it broke his heart... and he loved me enough to let me grow into a loving, caring human being....and always be waiting in the wings with a hug, a smile and words of encouragement.... Thank You dad, I will be forever grateful, for all you have done for me. And thank you for your love...I miss you so much your baby girl

Donna Falcon



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