In Loving Memory of
Denise Adams Davis

Neicey, Today you boarded that train to Heaven. After they unplugged your respirator everyone thought you would leave right away. That was at 11:00 am. You didn't leave until 7:00pm. You fought hard and I am so very proud of you. I told your Mom that is what you did best in this life down here....FIGHT. You had to fight for your children. You had to fight for respect. You had to fight for the right not to be abused. You had to fight the battle of drug abuse. Finally you had to fight for your life. A battle that you lost, but now my sweet friend and sister you can be with your two babies in Heaven. Never to be abused anymore. Your son Joey is still here on this earth, and I know that you and he had lots of problems, but I know that you loved him and he loved you too. He is going to miss you, but as I promised you long ago...I will look out for him for as long as God allows me to. I want to thank you for being a true friend to me. When I lost my Daddy and my Mother-in-law you were right there. You took such good care of me and I will never forget you. I will remember your smile, and that crazy hat you use to wear. I smile when I think about the time we fought over a guy. You won him, but later in life you said that he wasn't worth it. I guess that's what made our relationship so wonderful......nothing or no-one could come between us. I love you and I will miss you. Tell my Dad, my daughter, my mother-in-law and everyone else that when the morning comes and my season is over, I pray that the Lord will see fit to reunite us in that place they call Heaven. Rest my dear sister. You finally have peace.

Oleta (Lee Lee)



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