In Loving Memory of
My Beloved Mother, Catharine Anna Hopkins

I never wanted to set you free, but God had better plans for you. I know you're in a better place, whole, healthy and happy, with no memory whatsoever of what pain even means! Thank you, Mom, for a loving, stable childhood and all the happy memories connected to my upbringing. You were always a classy lady and have instilled values in me that I hope to pass on to my sweet daughter. I shall love you forever and will miss your touch and the sound of your voice. I try to liken your passing to a voyage from one shore to another. While we here are saying, "There she goes," loved ones who have already crossed over are standing on the other shore saying, "Here she comes!" I know I'll see you again in the Kingdom of Heaven and I look forward to that day. To see your beautiful, smiling face again and have you hold me as you did so many times growing up. Please wait for me -- I shall be there looking for you on that magical shore! In the meantime, I shall press on in this life, doing right when I can, helping others when I can, and doing the best I can to raise our Emily. God Bless you, Mom, and may He keep you in His special place in Heaven just for Mothers!

I'll Love You Always, Your Catherine Anna



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