In Loving Memory of
Grandma - The Greatest Star

I have written to you many times and each time I do, I know that you can read it. Oh, things are hard down here. Lucky, the little angel has gone to Heaven. Although, he should be here with us, I am so happy to know that he's with you in Heaven. We saw a video of you kissing and hugging him and we could see how much you truly loved Lucky, like you loved us. It was a sign because I had asked God to somehow show me that Lucky was with you and that is exactly what almost the whole video was about. I found it they day he went to Heaven. I miss you very much. I miss your strength and courage and humor and love and, just everything about you. I wish Lucky was still with us, our time together was stolen, but it makes me very happy to know that he's with you and grandpa and Duffy. Do they play together? Grandma, please rub his belly and kiss him and bring him outside with you whenever you go and bring him in the bed at night when you watch tv and give him ice cubes and sing to him and call him sweetheart like you used to. Oh, grandma, I thank God that I know you are in Heaven and you are happy and now I know that you will be there, waiting for us when we get there one day I pray. When I see you again, i'll hug you for the longest time and kiss you and look at the smile on your beautiful, loving, radiant face. I will into your deep warm eyes and see my angel that had went to Heaven long ago. I love you so much grandma. I miss you with all my heart. What your love has done for me and how much I love you, I can't express on paper, or in words or even in thoughts. Only in my heart and in my soul. I know you can feel that. My beautiful sweetheart. The only way I can bear the parting from Lucky, is that I know he is with you. Mommy and me talk about you all the time and I think of you so often. You live in my heart as well as in Heaven. And you will forever. Please give Lucky a kiss for me and all of us. Please feel the kiss I give you, my angel. I love you grandma.

Love Forever, Adam



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