In Loving Memory of
Lawryn Fredricks

To my Cousin, There are not enough words to explain what you ment to me and the world. You brought happiness and sunshine everywhere that you went. You were an inspiration to everyone. The memories that we share and the times that we have spent together can last a hundred lifetimes. Whether it be on the FreddyBraun Tours or just messing around at family parties causing trouble hiding from our parents. Or, sitting on my couch till four in the morning listening to our parents say yeh we are leaving soon and waiting another hour till they said it again. But ill never forget the first time that I met you. It was at a baseball card show, and my dad went up to your dad and they started talking and from that day on we spent every weekend together either hanging out or traveling all over the east coast with our dads to card shows. Who knew that 9 years later we would be as close as we have become. You showed me so many things to appreciate in life that I never did. You showed be that a friendship is one of the most powerful things in the world. Your unbeleivable strength and power was one of your best traits. You were fearless, you never let anything stand in your way of acomplishing your goals. You were a role model to me and to everyone else that you have touched in your life. If I could talked to you one more time there are so many things that i need to tell you. Unfortunately that can't happen. You were diagnosed with hodgkins disease at the age of 16, a year later after the hodgkins was gone you were diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 17. You went into a comma a day after I last talked to you. The doctors said that you would come out of it. But, you got an infection and it spread to your lungs and heart. You passed on to a better place on June 23, 2001. That date will always be with me, because it was a day I lost not only a cousin, but my best friend. No one will ever be able to give me what you have given me in the past nine years. All I want is to see you beautiful smile one more time. But I no one day we will meet in a place where we will never have to worry about this anymore. I love you Lauren and I will never stop loving you. Remember cousins now and forever. RIP

Love your Cousin and Best Friend, Brandon



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