In Loving Memory of
(Bill) William H. Wilkins

My dearest Bill, In the 9 months you've been gone I've shed many tears mourning the loss of the dearest, sweetest, most loving man I've ever met. I know you knew this was going to be diffacult for me but I could never have imagined what life was going to be like without you here. I'm taking this one day at a time my love and I need you to know I will always keep you alive and well in my heart. I'll live my life to the fullest as you would have wanted me to do and keep the memory of us as a comfort and inspiration. You taught me so much about living and loving and sharing....I'll love you always for these gifts you gave me. I'm proud to be your wife and always grateful for the time we shared together.

Your Loving Wife, Phyllis Wilkins



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