In Loving Memory of
Daniel Dawson

(for Brendan Hrynkiw)
My name is Brendan Hrynkiw
My Grandpa's name was Dan
From Mommy's loving stories
I know he was a gentle man

Grandpa's eyes were beautiful
The color of the sky
They sparkled when he laughed
He was a funny guy

He loved his family very much
He loved to joke around
He loved to decorate his car
And drive it about town

I was only eight months old
When Grandpa passed away
He will not be forgotten
He is with me everyday

There are two other grandkids
But to everyone's surprise
I was the only grandchild
To see through his blue eyes

In memory of Daniel Anthony Dawson 2/13/36 - 4/18/01
The best father in the whole world!




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