In Loving Memory of
Bill Davenport

In loving Memory of the man who made me who I am. Daddy, you taught me everything I know. You gave me your good looks, your sense of right and wrong and your humor and confidence. My world is a different since you left us almost 6 months ago. You left so suddenly and much to soon. My heart aches every day and I long to see you again. To hug you as I did the last day I saw you well, the day before you got sick. The days in intensive care were excruciating, and still excruciating to remember. I had always known that it would kill me when the day came that you left this world. Though I never took you for granted, and told you I loved you every time I saw you, it was out of the fear I always had of losing you. When it happened it was as bad as I expected it to be. I don't know how I'll ever get over losing you. I miss you many times every day.

You loving daughter. Your BeBe Baby.



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