In Loving Memory of
Shirley Lee Houston

Shirley my dear dear friend you have been gone just 2 weeks now and I feel so alone I cry all the time. I never realized how much you meant to me until you left me it left a whole in my heart that I am afraid will never mend again. You were the best friend I have had in my whole life, I feel like I am drowning here on this earth, I don't eat or sleep hardly. You were my sister in spirit always there to help me always telling me I could do it anything I needed you were there and now you are'nt. Im not angry at you for leaving I know the pain of the cancer made you just give up you were so tired and I promised you no more needles and hospitals but Shirley watching you breathe your last broke my heart, I don't think I'll ever get over it, not in this life, maybe the next. Mr. Clinton is fine he sings and talks all the time and now he can say mmmm good milk chocolate!!!He misses his mommy and I told him you would met him at the Rainbow Bridge and he could fly on to heaven beside you. Shirley please come back I love you I can't stay here alone. Your sister in spirit

Your pink friend Margaret Ann Easley



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