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Claudia Pendenque Joseph was born on April 25th 1954 in the Village of St.Joseph, Dominica.

Claudia was rasied by her deceased Aunt Josephine Lewis known to all as "Ma Reynold." In this loving home where she was nurtured, she was also loved by her cousins Shirley, Clifford, Lennard, Verna, Clem, Tony, Josie,Tussy, and Cecelia also know to her as her brothers and sisters.

On June 10th 1990, Claudia left Dominica for the United States to strife for a better life for herself and her children. While in the United States she furthered her education and obtained a certificate as a Licensed Physician's Aid. She also obtained a certificate of Achievement as An Adult Companion and Nutritionist Assistant.

Claudia was employed as a Counselor at the Young Adult Institute in New York. She was loved by her fellow workers and the consumers that she served, and was described by them as "A person of Joy, Love, and Gaeity who always saw the bright side of Life."

Claudia leaves to mourn her parents Marie Lestrade Pendenque and Lodrick Pendenque along with her three brothers Curtis, George and Timothy Pendenque all residing in England. A son Peter Jules also in England, and two daughters Maundy and Karen Philogene in the Bronx, New York. A sister Alix Stephenson in Canada, an Aunt Thelma Lestrade in Dominica, and an Uncle Scully Lestrade in the Bronx, New York. She also lives to mourn several aunts, uncles, brothers, neices, nephews, cousins, sisters in law and an adopted mother Carmen "Marcie" Destouche." Two very close friends Pamela Joseph and Edgar Henry both in New York as well as very, very close friends both in New York and Dominica.

Our mom was the glowing light of our lives and anyone who knew her would say the same thing. She was the kind of person who would take the coat of their back in other to help another with no regrets whatsoever. Our mom was the type who held no "GRUDGES", no "ILL-FEELINGS" and was quick to "FORGIVE," but was also very quick to discipline her children whenever they did wrong. We were raised to respect all kinds and types of people especially the elderly, and two (2) things about that lady/OUR MOTHER she could throw a "PARTY" and cook a "JOT/FOOD" in no time at all. She always knew how to brighten someone's day even when hers wasn't all that good.

Another thing about her was that she was always quick to go to the aid of her sick relatives, friends and strangers. Most of her true friends will miss her for nothing more than being her, and one in particular Pamo, will miss her more than ever, especially around the times that she is sick, because there will be no one to tell her what to do or call her "RashyPoke" which is a nickname my mother gave to her...We loved our mother and Lord knows how much we miss her each and everyday. I will miss her more than I do already when it's graduation time because she sacrifed all that she had to send me to college and now she is not alive to see the proceeds of her sacrifice, nor will she be there to enjoy this day with me.

Every holiday, special occassion or birthday that goes by makes it harder and harder, because around these times she always made us smile. Always had some master plan up her sleeve and we miss her not for these things but just for being there to talk, laugh and share our days with.

Her life on this earth was brief but we enjoyed every moment of it and would not trade it in for a million bucks because, "THERE'S NOTHING SWEETER OR GENTLER THAN A MOTHER'S TOUCH," That's something she taught us very early in life while we were growing up. We know that she is gone but her memory and legacy will live on in us forever.









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