In Loving Memory of
Jade Everett Bailey

My little brother, my friend, How I miss you so. A day does not go by that I don't think of you. The reason you left us is still sometimes all so unclear. I sometimes wonder what if, or what have if, but that is unfair to think. For God chose you to come to be with him. I'm sad I lost you, but yet relize your in a better place now. You don't have to suffer in this world we live in. I often think of the accident you was in and get angry at you for doing that and taking another human life with you, but relize that God had it planned that way for a reason. You was young and I know you had God in your life, so you are in heaven with him and the angels. I want people to relize you was a good person deep in you and that we all are human and make mistakes. Alot of people say you shouldn't have stole the car or been fleeing from the police. I relize somewhere someone else lost someone special to them. I wish I could have the chance to meet them and tell them that I know for a fact, you would have never let things go down and took their loved one with you. So then I relize all things happen for a purpose. I miss you JADE. Your Niece and Nephews are getting big. You would be so proud of them. Mom is doing good and Josh, are little brother is growing fast. He reminds me of you so much.

Your with Dad and you deserve that because you was so little when he passed away and Grandpa too! I could go on and on and type all day,but It will never be enough to tell someone how you are missed!!!!!!

Joy Lynn Bailey



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