In Loving Memory of
Valerie Berg February 2, 1981- June 6, 2000

I have a lovely daughter and Valerie is her name
Since she died and went to heaven my life hasn't been the same.
I have cried many a river and prayed enough to move a hill
It is hard to stay without her although I feel her with me still
I search to find something to ease a little of this awful pain
And I am trying to be patient until it is my time to be with her again.
I know she knows how much I love her and that she is my shining star
She only lived for nineteen years but she stretched her love and laughter far.
I search the sky after dark looking for her light
And when I think I’ve found it, I commit it to my sight
I was so very lucky to be blessed with my lovely little girl
Who had grown into such a lovely woman before she left this world.
But she’ll always be my baby until it is my time to go
And then I’ll be beside her for eternity—this is something that I know.
So I will stay and complete my journey and make her proud of me
And when we are together again, both our spirits will be truly free.
I love you starbaby.

We love and miss you Val. Mom and the family.



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