In Loving Memory of
ButterCup the pony

when you got here,you were so sick and abused,in my mind i could not come to understand how some one could have hurt you so bad,you were so sweet&lovable,the best old were clara's frist pony,all in one she learned how some hurt,some heel,and some have to let are not forgotten,and never will be .that little girl has pitchers of you and her.all over her room. we visit youre grave everyday,flowers & Stones that is what she brings you, and some tears! i can see you running, playing in the green grassy fields up there in heaven. youre broken ear, is know standing. there is no more pain. it was hard to make the choice to end the pain, but harder to tell a 4yr. old that her little palamino pony was in heaven. we will never forget you buttercup, youre know a pony angel.. good-bye




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