In Loving Memory of
Amy McDonald (starvart_0)

In a time before I was alive I knew the path of destiny Yesterday was now and today is tomorrow, You are my soul, we share it as one. We were to meet and our lives were forever Joined in a web of tangled dreams Holding your hand across this ocean Miles did not separate us from what was to come My starvart my love I was your dreamer Dreaming of you and playing with time Waiting for the moment when I could hold you Holding the dream that plays in my mind Now you are gone and play in the starways Waiting for me to join you my love But soon I will come we will be together We will be one for now and all time

To My Beautiful Lady Amy McDonald (starvart_0) Who Passed away on the 11-May-2001 From Mick Who always has and always will Love YOU



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