In Loving Memory of
Jeffrey Kiss

I am creating a memorial today for my beloved uncle, brother of my father, who was unexpectedly taken from this existence on Wednesday 31st July 2001. He was a man who loved his faith and enjoyed the words of Jesus Christ. He was also a generous man, the best kind of giver who made no fuss about what he gave and no thing was ever too much trouble. He was a loving husband and doting father and grandfather. I loved the way his mind worked, he was intensely logical and methodical about solving problems and always loved a challenge. He was a fixer. A natural with all things mechanical, he took to computers like a duck to water. It is this very reason that I am writing this memorial in this fashion. We will bury him later today, and as I was sitting, thinking of how best to honour the man I knew, it occured to me that I will honour him by mourning and loving him. I will pray for him and honour him in the house of God, and remember that he took strength from that faith. For me personally, my connection with my uncle was through computers. How fitting then, that he also recieve a virtual-Viking funeral. So it is with much respect for him that I lay the idea of him on this page, and cast him forth, adrift on the cyber-sea that excited him so. Rest peacefully beautiful man. I hope you were right. I pray that you know how loved and admired you are. Always.

Admiration and Love, Your niece Tee Jay, and your brother Harry who doesn't believe that you are gone.



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