In Loving Memory of
Lorie Weme

Born August 11, 1958 - Died October 31, 1997 Dear Aunt Lorie, It has almost been 4 years since you left this world. It is a great misfortune that you chose to take your own life and leave us wondering why. Although they say that time heals all wounds, my heart aches the same as it did that fateful Halloween. You were my favorite Aunt, I have so many memories of growing up with you around. When I look back I remember those times, not the hard times you had with Alcohol. But I respect those bad memories just the same. You thought that we could get over your death. I want to let you know that I never have. Now I have a daughter of my own who I have to raise with only stories of you. I miss you so much. I love you so much.

Love, your niece and goddaughter... Brooke Sajdak



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